Blue Lady Fish

The image shows a hinged, hallmarked pendant. The top section is the head and the bottom is a fish tail shaped etched hollow form. She is made from reclaimed copper which has been treated with a patina and eco textured and etched silver.  Her face is a vintage baby doll held in a copper claw fitting. She has a large scale baile which means she can be worn with any thickness of chain.
Part of the Metal Mermaid Collection

This little lady is a hinged, hollow form, hallmarked pendant. Constructed from reclaimed copper which has been treated with a patina to give it a blue hue and eco silver. She has two sections connected at the waist with 3 jump rings. The walls of the boxes are made from copper and front and back from textured and etched silver.

The image shows a silver hollow form curved box with the words Hardcore Mermaid etched onto it and a little star.
The image shows a hollow form box made of textured silver, it has a copper claw setting in the middle with irregular prongs which hold the muzzle of a vintage baby doll.

The face is the muzzle of a vintage baby doll, from my childhood in fact, so it’s an original 70’s piece. Irregular copper prongs create a claw fitting which hold the muzzle in place.
Any thickness of chain can be used to wear her as she has a large baile at the top. The words ‘Hardcore Mermaid’ are etched on the back of her head along with a little star one of my favourite symbols. You will find the hallmark on the back too.
These mermaids are talismans, not the the cutesy sexed-up images of mermaids we are becoming accustomed to but symbols of power and raw energy.

She’s one of a kind, hand built and impossible to repeat.

Blue Lady Fish measures 11 x 5.5 cm’s and weighs 24 grams. Blue Lady Fish is now available at the Flaming Lady of Hay ArtHouse