Can’t Sit Still

I met Cat Boot at DOCA when she completed a short contract in 2017.  We had lots of great conversations about how things should be done.  As a result, Cat asked me to join the steering group of the board of her theatre company ‘Can’t Sit Still’, as Cat has the most amount of integrity of almost anyone you could meet and is an absolute pleasure to work with I couldn’t say no. 

I’ve been on a journey with a fantastic group of people and watched Can’t Sit Still evolve into a flourishing charity. They’ve amazing shows for little people and their grown-ups on sell-out tours and have a host of projects that engage with under represented members of the community.  Cat is an amazing director who asks some very important and difficult questions through her work and manages to make these conversations a lot easier to navigate and even a fun. 
If you want to see some great theatre for children you won’t find better than this. 

Please visit their website for information on their current work.


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