The Fair Women

  Master’s in Contemporary Design Craft I completed my Master’s in Contemporary Design Craft at Hereford College of Art in 2023/24. My study culminated in  exhibitions in Hereford 13th to 20th of January and at Craft in the Bay in Cardiff 11th February until 2nd of April 2024. As part of the Precious Collective ‘TheContinue reading “The Fair Women”

Love Hearts and Lightening Bolts

Reclaimed sterling silver bangles and coat pins playing with the theme of lightening bolts and love hearts, charms and medals. Bangles A series of bangles with a combination of rectangular and round conjoined hoops, with large lightening bolt or love heart charms. Each charm is made of reclaimed sterling silver, is a heavily textured hollowContinue reading “Love Hearts and Lightening Bolts”

Hardcore Mermaid – The Blinker

Blinker is a hollow formed hinged pendant. It is lovingly constructed from eco silver and reclaimed copper.  It is heavily textured and has etched scales on its tail. The top section has a blue dolls eye which blinks. The lid is coated in luscious green glitter and the eyelashes have a hint of iridescence aboutContinue reading “Hardcore Mermaid – The Blinker”

Angel Heart

Angel Heart is a hollow form pendant. This piece has a silver front and back, and brass walls. It has been lovingly beaten to create texture.  You’ll find two reclaimed vintage dolls hands made from the classic synthetic materials all of us know from childhood. The chubby little cherub hands reach out, openly welcoming theContinue reading “Angel Heart”