Deer Heart

This piece is an adventure into lost wax casting and exploring setting stones using none traditional claw settings. 

The stone is a Himalayan Diamond as the Himalayan’s call it or Himalayan Quartz as those in the West prefer.

It’s a birthstone for those born in April.  According to healers is helps establish strong, clear connections with higher guidance and were used by Shamanic healers, who channel animal familiars in the mountains they originate from. Clear Quartz is said to help with clarity of thought and purpose of heart and mind.

The claws are inspired by the buds of deer antlers, it has relief hearts carved onto each side. It’s chunky and organic as the stone is, referencing the mountains it came from. 

It’s a statement piece made from 18 grams of silver with grains of 9 carot gold to top off the antler buds, a head turner and it definitely feels very magical with its huge glistening stone. I loved making this piece I think it’ll be a joy to wear.

A ring that will turn heads

Deer Heart was sold at The Flaming Lady of Hay Art House.