I love objects that are raw and shout about the materials they are made from and the process they were created by, making no pretence about what they are.
Honest and straight forward. I set about a new approach to these pieces.
I made prototypes from card and then went for it, in metal. I allowed the materials to guide me, working instinctively. These rings evolved rather than were designed, though I had a strong idea of what they would look like in my head throughout. I loved the process and I love the results. These rings are very ‘me’.

A mixture of metal – silver and brass, concrete dyed with Indian Ink and glossy resin. A combination of ingredients I love.

The image shows two brass and silver rings lying on top of each other

Chunky and unapologetic, they were a challenge to construct as there are no regular angles. As with all my work no two are the same. I’ll be making more of these and they can be made to order. I’ll definitely be wearing one.

The wider of the two rings has a silver inner ring. They are filled with concrete, dyed with a high concentrate of Indian Ink giving it a deep black colour. The resin top layer gives it a deep glossy shine.

The narrower ring has an inner ring and outer edge made of silver. It is filled with concrete and has a small amount of Indian Ink added which gives a slightly more grey/brown colour, the top layer of resin adds a deep glossy shine bringing out the texture of the concrete underneath. This is now sold.

The third in the series, seen above, is larger, has a sterling eco-silver inner ring and sides. It has heavily textured brass front and back panels. I have textured the resin making is look like a fossil. I’m a big fan of ammonites and this has a similar feel.

This piece is currently for sale at the Flaming Lady of Hay Art House.

Please message me for details, if you would like to commission a ring in this style.