Hardcore Mermaid

I’ve been inspired in the Winter months by some of my more intrepid friends who have taken to wild swimming in very icy water. This is a piece of work where I repurpose a doll. I love working with these funny little representations of human babies as a raw material for my artwork. So strange that at some point they were the centre of the universe for some small child and then they are suddenly abandoned for less childish things.

The remodelling of the baby doll into something entirely different is a political act for me. Plastic made precious, roles reconsidered. Cute and powerless becomes edgy and powerful.

This piece is made of 23.4grams of silver, it has copper walls and claw setting around the muzzle. The work is hammered to give texture and has been treated with a dark patina. The bottom section and back of the top section are both etched. The mouth holds a small Amber bead. The Amber, copper and the dolls face have been reclaimed. This piece is Hallmarked by the Goldsmith’s Assay Office

Hardcore Mermaid is now SOLD. If you would like something similar please message me to discuss a commission.

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