The image shows a black and white picture from a photobooth. Four images of a small girl pulling different expressions in each pictur
Photo booth mischief aged four

I’m a fidget, a fixer, a maker and more.  I love working in all scales, I enjoying any opportunity to collaborate, provoke, nurture and inspire. 

I have worked in a variety of roles within in the creative industries, starting with a degree in Theatre Design, progressing into costume making, film production and Local Authority Arts Development.

I’ve been a Trapeze Artist, rigger and performer. You could say it has been a diverse and colourful road I’ve travelled. My experience has given me a wealth of knowledge to tap into.

Making has always been a feature of my life, using a broad pallet of materials.  I’ve continued to add to my skills studying millinery, silversmithing, graphic design, gilding, machine embroidery, felting, photography, taxidermy and more meaning much of my work is an an eclectic mix of media. 
I love a challenge and some healthy problem-solving.

My most recent role as Artistic Director for an Arts Charity gave me responsibility for an exciting portfolio of events on a range of scales. I relish the odd freelance project if the brief is right. All this runs alongside continuing to develop my own creative practice as an artist.  This is where ‘Callous Creations’ come in.

What’s in a name?

The name ‘Callous Creations’ was born out of ‘Callous Costumery’ which was the name I adopted during my time as a Trapeze Artist.  ‘Callous’ was inspired by the condition of my hands, the trapeze bar is particularly unforgiving and as time goes by callouses build-up and never really disappear.

I wore them with pride as a mark of all the hard work it took to get myself into the air. It was a dream come true. In the past, I’ve been asked, ‘Are you a builder’? My hands are the key to my happiness and have become a regular theme in my work.

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