Man Handed

Man handed are two pendants or could even be earrings made from rescued dolls hands and reclaimed Sterling Silver.
Surprisingly though all dolls have two hands it is quite unusual to find one where one hand hasn’t been damaged. It was nice to work with male hands, so different from the spindly hands female dolls are given. Much more detail, much more rugged, strong and often also have movement in the wrists – always ready for action unlike their dainty female counterparts.

These hands have reclaimed silver cuffs which are attached with a cold join. One has a copper star and the other a brass star. The cuffs are heavily textured and treated with a patina to bring out the richness of the metal. Both hands have a silver bangle. They can be worn as an earing or pendant. Both are hallmarked by the London Assay Office.

Both these pieces are now sold. Similar work can be commissioned to order. Please email for details.