Melting down the past

Sindy gets a shiny new hat – my commission – from junk to jewel.

I inherited some gold and silver from my late father. At the same time, I found my childhood Sindy doll whilst clearing my mum’s house, she’d kept it in the attic. She was broken but still clean and presentable.
My dad never wanted a girl and wasn’t very impressed with dolls.
I liked Sindy because she was ‘active’ and didn’t conform quite so extremely to the image of femininity being peddled at the time by her rival ‘Barbie’.
I decided that in line with my love of opposites I’d put the valueless plastic together with the gold.
Of course to me, as my relationship with my father had never been great the doll held more value than the bullion.

I love the way it turned out. It feels like a fitting memorial to him and his quite macho bling. It has been a theme that I’ve picked up and developed now I’ve started making my own jewels.

The image shows a piece of jewellery made from a dolls face, it has a hat on with flowers and a hand attached to the side

I did not make this! I designed it and commissioned. Mark-Jan Dielemans who is based in Epstein Studios on Mivart Street in Bristol pulled it together. I think he made a great job.

I’m sorry but this piece is not for sale.