Pop Stack

Most of the time I instinctively go for quite neutral colours but every now and then I am strongly drawn to bright; kitsch unashamed splashes of bright colour, Pop Stack is one such time.

I love the simplicity of the rectangle ring but it didn’t feel right on its own. It just wasn’t shouting loud enough. It needed a contrasting companion to loudly harmonise.  The bristle ring was born and I love the combination of the red enamel on the rectangle ring and the electric blue of the bristles, they are a perfect pair and feel great when worn together.

For some reason this stack say’s ‘city’ to me, I think of tower blocks, chimneys and windows when I see it, I think of Warhol, New York and Lichtenstein.  

Whatever it says to you I think you’ll agree, it’s fun and rebellious. However you wear it this stack is sure to speak out and turn heads.  Flip the square ring as you feel to alternate between black or red enamel detailing.

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Pop stack is made from sterling silver, brass and nylon fibre.
The measurement of the inner circumference of these rings is 53mm both rings together have a total weight of 9.83 grams.
Please ensure you have measured your finger carefully before ordering.
The investment needed to own Pop Stack is £145

Postage is included if you live in the UK unless you live in Bristol, UK in which case I may be able to deliver. If you live outside the UK please message me for details.
Thank you.

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If you would like to own this stack please email me directly or visit my shop by clicking the basket.