I love the scale of these rings and that they are very solid looking yet light and comfortable to wear.

These rings were inspired by a very heavily drilled wooden peg on a jewellery bench.
I love the effect the endless drilling had on the wood, I decided to try to achieve it in metal.
The only way I could think to do it this was by using the lost wax technique. I embarked on a long process of drilling and carving creating a fragile wax blank which could be used only once to create each ring.

This technique gave me the scale I like without the weight. A large statement ring that is easy to wear due to its lightweight. As each one is cast from an intricately carved wax blank the final piece is totally unique and can never be reproduced.   
A little bit of oxidizing brings out the tones and depth of the texture.

Space Rock

23 grams of sterling silver – a solid, mountainous, organic shape.

Patina filled crevases
The image shows a silver ring with many holes drilled out of it
Space Rock

Space Block

19 grams of sterling silver, a slightly more boxed feel than Space Rock, and lighter to wear.

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