Hardcore Mermaid – The Blinker

Blinker is a hollow formed hinged pendant. It is lovingly constructed from eco silver and reclaimed copper.  It is heavily textured and has etched scales on its tail. The top section has a blue dolls eye which blinks. The lid is coated in luscious green glitter and the eyelashes have a hint of iridescence aboutContinue reading “Hardcore Mermaid – The Blinker”

Gravetos Cinzenta

‘Gravetos Cinzenta’ translates as ‘grey kindling’ in Portuguese. This hallmarked heavy silver ring has a claw setting which carries a large concrete cast of a Eucalyptus pod. The Eucalyptus pod is cast in raw concrete and saturated in resin giving it a wet look.Concrete houses are the only ones left standing when the fires rageContinue reading “Gravetos Cinzenta”

Hardcore Mermaid

I’ve been inspired in the Winter months by some of my more intrepid friends who have taken to wild swimming in very icy water. This is a piece of work where I repurpose a doll. I love working with these funny little representations of human babies as a raw material for my artwork. So strangeContinue reading “Hardcore Mermaid”

Gravetos Preta

A heavy sterling silver statement ring with hand cast Eucalyptus pod in dyed concrete with a claw setting. This is a solid wearable statement ring. The tough concrete pod is dyed with the darkest Indian Ink. Resin has been mixed into the concrete giving it additional integral strength and a smoother finish. It is earthyContinue reading “Gravetos Preta”


Solid silver bracelet with each unique link individually textured and treated with a dark patina to give it an antique gunmetal finish. Closed with a simple toggle clasp. This piece is strong but light, it is bold but gentle. Like leaves in a breeze let it move with you. The sounds it makes throughout yourContinue reading “Windfall”