The Koukla Four

At a rare visit to Malvern Antiques Fair, I bought four porcelain dolls hands. The guy said they are Victorian but my gut feeling is they might be 1940’s. 
I couldn’t resist them, I had no idea what I’d do with them.  They just evolved like much of my work does. 

The Koukla Four

Dolls hands are a bit of a theme in my life – but that’s another story. 

Each one seemed to take on their own personality. Even though they must have been poured into moulds they are all different, each is a slightly different size. They are all truly one of a kind.  
I love finds like this, they conjure childhood sentiment, imagined histories, and have a romance all of their own, they are precious finds as most do not survive.
It is a joy to give them a new story and hopefully preserve them for many years of enjoyment of a slightly different kind than that they were designed for.

Koukla Pin

This was the first. This silver and antique porcelain pin has its own tiny cuff which has a working clasp, don’t worry it’s done up super tight so it’s extra safe. It has a plain bezel giving it an elegant simplicity.

 Koukla Pin is now sold

Koukla Charm

This silver and antique porcelain pendant has a pierced cuff and a tiny charm bracelet with a heart charm.  The heart has a little hole in it to remind the wearer that a little space is always a good idea.

Koukla Charm is now sold out

Koukla Love

This silver and antique porcelain pendant features a gently scalloped cuff embellished with a tiny heart  . It has its own cuff which is made in three parts and has a functioning clasp – it’s very tight and secure so no danger or losing it.

Koukla Love is now sold

Koukla Etched

Silver and antique porcelain pendant with etched cuff.  Every doll deserves a little lace so this cuff has a cut and etched bezel to give it a little fanciness.

Koukla Etched is now sold