This unique silver and copper ring has been specially treated with a patina giving the central copper section a vibrant turquoise colour. The silver remains shiny and bright. The copper is being consumed by silver granules bubbling around the central piece, each individually soldered into place.

This piece is now sold

Industrial Deco – I’m channelling decaying car factories, overgrown buildings consumed by nature. I’m referencing the 1920’s when that Verdigris green was so popular. What a decadent decade when clean lines and industrial chic was king. This is a great everyday ring, it’s tough and practical and the granulation gives it an organic look.

Earrings in the same style are have a simple hinged post which clips through a hole in the back. 
The posts are made of 1mm thick wire. These are made from reclaimed Sterling Silver and copper and are both hallmarked. 

Two silver hoop earrings with balls of silver sitting on half a Verdigris hexagon shape made of copper.

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I’m sorry both earrings and ring are now sold.
If you would like a similar piece I can make one to order, please email for details.