Hardcore Mermaid – The Blinker

Blinker is a hollow formed hinged pendant. It is lovingly constructed from eco silver and reclaimed copper.  It is heavily textured and has etched scales on its tail. The top section has a blue dolls eye which blinks. The lid is coated in luscious green glitter and the eyelashes have a hint of iridescence aboutContinue reading “Hardcore Mermaid – The Blinker”

Angel Heart

Angel Heart is a hollow form pendant. This piece has a silver front and back, and brass walls. It has been lovingly beaten to create texture.  You’ll find two reclaimed vintage dolls hands made from the classic synthetic materials all of us know from childhood. The chubby little cherub hands reach out, openly welcoming theContinue reading “Angel Heart”

Prize Seeker

Part of the Metal Mermaid series. This piece has inspired by a friend of mine who uses pendulums to select remedies, she is also an enthusiastic wild swimmer and an amazing businesswoman. She definitely knows how to get the prize she sets her sights on.  The pendulum element was a prototype for one that was commissioned.Continue reading “Prize Seeker”